Basic Tips On How To End An Introduction In A Research Paper

An introduction is one of the most important pieces of a paper. It has to be good in order to pull in your readers. It has to contain three important items. It needs a thesis statement, background material, and a hook. It should never be longer than any of the main point paragraphs. The hook is best placed at the end of the introduction. Here are some ways you can include the hook, and actually close this portion of the paper. Any of them will work, but using more than one will confuse your audience.

Tips On Ending the Beginning

  • Use a statistic-alarming or unusual statistics will grab the audience‚Äôs attention. Make sure to include the source of your data with an in-text citation and include it on your reference page.

  • Use a story- telling a story can be hard to pull off as your hook. You have to make sure to maintain your formal tone as you tell it. An intriguing, exciting, or sad story can really attract your readers.

  • Use a quote-it used to be that quotes were not allowed as a hook. This technique was frowned upon by writing teachers. However, this old-school writing rule has been changed. It is now very acceptable to use a quote as your hook. Make sure the quote is relative to the theme of your essay.

  • Ask a question- asking a question can cause your reader to pause and think about the situation. But, just like telling a story, you have to make sure that you maintain your formal tone when you do it. Asking the perfect question can be an amazing hook technique to implement.

  • Finish with a transition-once you have your hook, be it a story, a quote, or a question, you then need to use a transition. Transitions are linking words or phrases that build a word bridge to the next idea. In this case you want to use words like first, next, and then as a device to move to your very first main point. Main point one will be in the next paragraph. If you do not use transitions, the paper will not read smoothly.

As you seek to close the beginning portion of your essay, use our tips and advice in order to make your job easier. Any of the suggested techniques will serve the purpose.