Research Paper Topics On Technology: 15 Thought-Provoking Ideas

Technology is the word of the day and it fast becoming an integral part of our life. In fact it is difficult to even imagine a life without technology. Technology is being improved day by day and with the improvement of technology our daily life is becoming easier and much more comfortable. Technology being the most sought after career option in the present day situation, creating a research paper on technology can be exciting as well as challenging.

A dissertation or research paper on technology needs to be not only technically correct but also scientifically innovative. It should aim to establish a new idea, and work through on it so as to prove it that it is possible to bring about the innovation. There can be a number of research topics on technology to work on. It can also be on a topic that has already been proved. Delving deeper into it and discovering new points would enrich the paper and lend the topic new dimension to look at.

Research paper topics on technology: 15 thought-provoking ideas

A paper on technology should be such that it impels the readers to ponder over it. It should not be anything that is read and forgotten since for a discipline like technology it would be disappointing if the readers do not find the research topic interesting enough. Below is a list of 15 thought provoking ideas for research paper on technology.

  1. How technology influences relationships between people.
  2. How technology has been empowering the military and the defense system of a country.
  3. A closer take on genetic engineering.
  4. The role of information technology in building huge virtual storage.
  5. How technology is used in the process of reproduction.
  6. How technology is improving the medical facilities an influencing mortality rate.
  7. Technology: The best play mate of today’s kids.
  8. Technology and entertainment.
  9. How technology is bringing people closer by being the fastest means of communication.
  10. The developing technology is directly proportional to the improving standards of life.
  11. How technology is expected to evolve over the next 20 years.
  12. How is genetically modified food different from organic food.
  13. The truth about glass technology.
  14. Technology in the field of cardiac illnesses.
  15. Robotics: Where do we stand?

Above are 15 topics on technology which can be worked upon for your research paper and are also worthy of pursuing as well.