How To Choose Good Research Paper Topics For 8th Graders

Eighth grade students should be beginning to feel fairly confident in their writing skills and research planning efforts. Most students of this age have already learned the standard five-paragraph format, and understand that for your argument you must provide support. When selecting a research paper topic appropriate for an eighth grader there are a few good rules of thumb you can follow. We have outlined these steps below to assist you in topic selection.

Fundamental Knowledge

Think about the fundamental knowledge a student should have—this can help shape ideas for eighth grade essays. For example, everyone should have general knowledge of topics like Greek mythology, Biology, Basic Psychology, and other introductory level subjects. This kind of knowledge makes a student well rounded. By selecting topics of fundamental status, you improve your overall understanding of many facets of society.

Current Curriculum & Understanding

Another good inspiration for topic selection would be looking to the current eighth grade curriculum and common knowledge. Using areas that are currently being learned about will help stimulate deeper interest in the information—learning on a deeper level.

Issues of Hot Discussion

Current issues are also a great topic of discussions. This will help get eighth graders interested in current events and thinking critically. This kind of critical thinking will be crucial to students continued education and will also be useful in real life. Get thinking about hot issues and develop personal opinions that can be supported with scholarly research.

Abundant Research

Finally, selecting an area of research that has plenty of available resources is always a good idea. Selecting an idea with limited research will make the entire writing process and overall success more challenging. There will not be enough sources to support the main ideas. Alternatively, by picking a topic with plenty of study and discussion surrounding it will help assure superior performance. With plenty of resources a strong argument will be easy to build for a great essay.

By selecting a topic that meets the standards we have outlined, you will successfully find an eighth grade topic that will set up for successfulness. Think about the fundamental knowledge an eighth grader should have, the current curriculum, the existing understanding, hot issues, and availability of research—a topic that meets these criterion will be perfect.