A Selection Of 15 Great High School Term Paper Ideas

  • Writing a great high school term paper comes down to a number of factors: one must plan ahead of time, write at least three drafts, and choose a great topic that is both interesting and original. Sometimes this last part gets overlooked and the result is that a student winds up spending weeks working on a topic that seems tired and worn. Here is a selection of 15 great high school term paper ideas for you to consider:

    1. For decades, students in the U.S. have been required to stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance, but in the last few years the practice has been brought into question. What can you say about changing views in society that have prompted this reaction?

    2. Do you believe that war is justified in some cases or do you believe that it is a form of cowardice for not working towards peaceful solutions?

    3. Many states in the U.S. have made it illegal to operate a motor vehicle while talking on a handheld device. What has this law meant in terms of safety?

    4. In the U.S., people pay taxes based on how much they earn per year, under a simple premise that the more one earns the more they pay. What research can you provide to argue for a flat tax (or against it)?

    5. Today, more families are opting to have fewer children and bearing them at older ages than twenty years ago. Why do you think this is and how does it play into social, political and economic issues?

    6. Do you think the US or any other country should spend time and money building a space station on the moon or in any other part of the solar system? What is to be gained?

    7. Do you think people should buy or lease new cars? What pros and cons exist towards each and how will this affect the motor industry?

    8. Which artistic movements of the last 20 years have been the most promising towards influencing artists of the next century?

    9. What the implications be if someone were to invent or produce a medication that allowed people to extend their lives by 20 years? Is this the stuff of fiction or is there evidence to suggest this is close to happening?

    10. Which good habits have been proven to improve one’s physical, financial or emotional health? Which of the three should be promoted to help people?

    11. Should fathers be allowed the same paternity leave benefits to stay home with their newborns for a few weeks?

    12. Some countries require its citizens to serve one or two years in the military. Do you think that the U.S. should adopt a similar policy?

    13. What does the evidence suggest about using SAT and ACT scores as a measuring device for a student’s aptitude?

    14. Do you believe the television’s depictions of familial conflicts accurately describe what goes on in society?

    15. What constitutes a big loss in media (e.g., advertising, ratings, etc.)? And what does it mean for new forms of media?