Ideas For Students: What Are The Best Research Paper Topics?

The most difficult part for students is choosing their paper topics. There are so many interesting topics good for a research paper, but you have to choose one and you have to have an idea from where to start. Most of the topics can be narrowed down to focus only on one aspect. Also, not all topics suit to all areas, so you have to talk with your instructor if your topic suits the assignment.

How to find the appropriate paper topic?

It is very important to be interested in the topic during you are doing the paper. Usually a topic that is relevant to your life is the most interesting one. Try to choose a topic that you are personally interested in. Any writing is time consuming. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect to do your paper in several hours, and the results will be better if you are doing the writing with interest. The best topic is the one you are most interested in.

The best research paper topics in categories

Here we have a list from the area of education, media and sociology. Go through it and choose the most suitable topic for your field.


  1. Should athletes that go to college be paid?

  2. Exams are not always a good measure to evaluate students’ performance. Should there be another measure for students’ performance?

  3. British students often take “Gap year” between college and high school. Do you think that it’s a good custom?

  4. In most of the European schools there are less than 10% of students who get A’s. Do you think that U.S. has grade inflation with all the A’s in American schools?

Freedom of speech and media

  1. Do you think that advertisements for alcohol, medicaments and cigarettes should be banned due to moral and health interest?

  2. Paparazzi are everywhere. Should they be limited in order to give more privacy to public people?

  3. Parents often install banns on particular pages on their children’s computers. Does that evoke more curiosity and use of the banned pages?

Social problems

  1. Civil couples have the same rights and privileges as married people. Why does marriage even exist?

  2. There are so many beauty contests around the world. What is their purpose? To let the others down? Everyone is the most beautiful for themselves. What do you think?

  3. Different generations on the same working place. How they get on with each other?

Think carefully about your field and choose an interesting topic from this list.