What To Know About The Research Paper Thesis Statement

It is important for an essay to have a main idea, main point or a central idea; your paper’s argument should reflect in the main idea. This sentence that is used to capture your position in the paper is what is referred to as the thesis statement.

Its length

The goal of the thesis statement is to focus your idea in one or 2 sentences. This should present your paper’s topic and should make a comment on your position on the topic. The thesis statement should give an idea to the reader of the purpose of the paper and should guide your writing. This is on top of ensuring that your argument remains focused.

Where to place the thesis statement

The thesis statement should be written early enough in the essay- The introduction part. If you are writing a longer essay, it should be in the second paragraph so that you can establish your position and offer your readers a good sense of direction. Some of the tips to write a great essay include:

  • Do not burry your essay statement in the paragraph’s middle or even later in your essay

  • Avoid using vague words and ensure that you are as clear as you can be

  • Show the point of the paper but avoid using words such as ...’my point is..”

A specific thesis statement

Ensure that you have a thesis statement that is specific and clear. Under normal circumstances, you should continue refining the thesis as you continue to revise the argument. This means that the thesis should continue evolving and get definition as you continue getting a better sense of where the argument is leading you.

Do you have a general thesis statement?

Ensure that you have a thesis statement that is limited to what can be accomplished to a certain page number. Ensure that you shape the topics to enable you get to the meat of the topic. You will be more successful when you remain specific in your paper as compared to when you write general information. Avoid writing some three pages where you just skim the surface.

A clear thesis

You should have a thesis that isn’t an exception of the writing. You will need a clear one to ensure that your readers grasp what you are trying to say. For more ideas on writing a thesis statement, check this great resource.