Writing A Decent Results Section For A Research Paper In The APA Format 

The purpose of writing the result section of an APA format paper is to make a summary of all the information given in the research paper. Your target as a researcher is to give the independent summary that is not corrupted by your point of view. Here are eleven tips that can help you deal with it.

  • Think about what you include.
  • Remember that it is not mandatory to give all your tables and schemes in the summary. Pay attention to all the included materials in order not to overload the result section.

  • Do not forget about the illustrations.
  • They will come in handy to show the value of your text. Furthermore, it is much easier to understand the information that has several illustrations. This trick works with tables and diagrams as well.

  • Check the tense.
  • It is crucially important to write the summary in the past tense. Pay time to revise it attentively.

  • Be objective.
  • Don’t forget that there is a discussion section that gives you an opportunity to discuss the results or interpret them from your point of view. Do not do it in the result section.

    Avoid the repetition.

    Check your text to find any of them. If you have used the statistics as a table, it is unnecessary to present it again as a figure.

  • Go to the library.
  • A great lot of articles have already been written on your topic. Pay attention to the way the authors presents their research results.

  • Don’t be afraid of negative results.
  • If you have not proved your hypothesis, it may seem that the result is worthless. However, it is as important as if it was the result you were expecting for. Furthermore, it can be useful in your future research.

  • Give all necessary information.
  • Each finding you omit will lower the rate of your paper.

  • Keep away from raw-data.
  • If you consider reporting the detailed result essential, think of creating an online archive with the documents that you had to omit due to their size.

  • Ask for advice.
  • If you have doubts concerning the result section or any other part of your APA-paper, take the paper to the writing lab of your school.

  • Learn more.
  • There are dozens of books on how to write a result section. Lots of useful tips on writing can be found in them. If you look through the books and use some pieces of advice given, your paper will be outstanding!