Tips And Tricks For Composing A Strong Research Paper In The APA Format

The APA format of writing outlines the method that students must use when writing a composition that will help to cite the sources that they use within the work while also providing formatting guiding for the written work. The APA format will impact how the source’s title, author, edition and other key information about the referenced document are captured and recorded for future reference. When you are tasked with this type of work for you educational studies, consider these tips and tricks you can use to compose a strong research paper in the APA format.

Basic APA guidelines to follow

APA guidelines require that all written works be typed using a double spacing on standard 8.5x11 including paper. Paper should always be white with no exceptions when following the APA formatting and the margins on all sides of the paper should be exactly 1 inch. The recommended font for an APA format is Times New Roman and the recommended size of the font is 12 pt.

Headings should be used as well throughout the work to help create clarity and to separate out the topic areas within the writing. Page headers should appear at the top of every page and they should be next to the page numbers. A separate line for the title should also be included.

Research paper sections in the APA Format

The APA format for writing will consist of four sections. These sections include the title page, document abstract, the body and finally all of the references that will included in the work.

  • Title page – The title page will include the title of the work and then the authors name and the university or school name where they are studying or are affiliated
  • Abstract – The abstract portion of the work will include a section that is titled as Abstract and will give top level details of the work
  • Body – The body of the work will be as normally seen and will include all the details and research that was conducted as well as the conclusions
  • Reference – A list of all the references is included at the end of the document

These tips and tricks for composing an APA formatted work will help you to complete this assignment quickly and correctly when you have any research to write about for your subjects in your studies.