The Secret Of Composing A Solid Research Paper Title About Technology

Creating a research paper about technology takes time and effort. Since technology is constantly changing, students need to use the latest research for writing their paper. Often, students can find interesting topic ideas and research online. Depending on the type of technology research paper, the student may also want to interview a start-up entrepreneur or someone who works in the technology field.

Read the Prompt Thoroughly Before Writing

The first step in created a title for a technology research paper is to read through the prompt. Often, the professor will assign a specific topic area that the student has to work in. For some projects, the professor may even have a list of topics that are acceptable. If this is the case, the student should use one of these topics. At the very least, the student will need to reread the writing prompt to make sure that their topic fits in with the assignment's theme.

The Importance Choosing the Right Title

When writing an essay, it is extremely important to use the right title, abstract and keywords. For higher level courses, the technology research paper will be included in an online database. Readers will search for specific keywords to find the file, so the student needs to use a title and keywords that are related to the topic. Likewise, students should create a title that is engaging and interesting for the reader. The title of the essay should get the reader to immediately want to read more.

The Elements That Go Into a Good Title

There are a few things that a good title has in common. It should summarize the entire content of the document in just a few words. Likewise, it must capture the readers' interest and show why this research paper is different from any other document out there. With this in mind, students should create an attractive, short title. The best titles are generally just 10 to 12 words long. If the title ends up being too long, the reader will not take the time to read through all of it.

Make Sure to Use Active Voice

Anything phrased in the passive voice will lose the readers' attention. Instead of saying “Plant growth is increased by auxin”, students should write that “Auxin increases plant growth”. By switching to active voice, the writer can shorten the title of the technology paper while also making it more interesting to read.