How To Compose A Great Research Paper Thesis Statement: Taking The Right Approach

Any great research paper requires a great thesis statement. This sentence is the sentence that controls the direction of the research paper. Without this important sentence, the project has no focus, which makes it difficult to stay on topic and get the job done. The reader will have a difficult time understand what the reader is trying to prove. Get the thesis completed takes the right approach. Here are some tips:

  • Start with a yes-or-no question: The best way to get the thesis started is to decide on a yes-or-no question to answer. The answer to the question is the start of the thesis. Unfortunately, most instructors will not provide the question so you will need to make one up yourself. You will need to create one and the best questions start with the word “should”. For example, you could ask yourself: Should professional athletes make enormous salaries?

  • Formulate a complete sentence, using the question: Once you have your question, you need to answer it in a complete sentence. It is vital to include the topic and keywords from the question. So, if you are answering the question about enormous salaries and professional athletes, those key words need to be in your first draft of the thesis.

  • Add necessary information: Once you decide on your stance on the issue, you need to add information that will help you stay in control of the issue. Professional athletes and their salaries is a topic that could fill volumes of research papers, so you need to be able to keep it heavily focused. This is where the necessary information comes into play. You could narrow your focus by picking subtopics like physical ability, giftedness, and celebrity status.

  • Put the sentence together: When you have all of the necessary components, it is time to put the thesis together. Here is an example: Professional athletes should make enormous salaries because they have to maintain superhuman physical abilities and manage intense celebrity status. This sentence answers the question and includes enough necessary information to make it very clear to the reader what will be proven in the paper.

  • Test the statement: Before you commit to the sentence you created, you should test it to see if you can actually write about it. The sentence in the previous section can be used, but it could be made better by adding another reason at the end.