A List Of Interesting Research Paper Topics On The Judicial Process

The judicial process is a set of rules developed to ensure viability of a legal system of the country, specify the roles of the judge and the jury in decision making, and define what type of the court (civil, criminal, or court of appeals) should consider each legal case in particular. A vast variety of interesting research paper topics can be created due to a high changeability of the system of justice and lots of various cases that go through the court systems yearly. You can analyze the development of the legal systems in particular countries, compare principles of work of different courts, or base your research paper on any famous legal case. Here is a list of great topic ideas on the judicial process that you may find interesting to research:

  • Judicial process and the case of Batson.
  • Analyze the problem of racial discrimination in the courts on the basis of famous Batson case. Is the jury selection racially biased nowadays?

  • Judicial precedents: looking into reasons and grounds for the precedent creation.
  • Explore the issue of precedents in legislation of your country. What were the historic motives for coming up with these types of decisions? Are precedents helpful in law?


  • Gender perception in the legal system of your country.
  • Conduct research on how equality of genders is interpreted and maintained in the legislative system of your country.

  • Working in the court for life? – Critical view on the issue of the judicial retirement.
  • In your research paper, analyze why the judges should or shouldn’t be retired in the time when all ordinary people are supposed to. Support your arguments with real examples.

  • Which branch of the government is the most powerful? - Exploring the authorities of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the government of your country.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of plea bargaining.
  • Share your views on the issue of a plea bargain. May it be considered as an avoidance of full criminal responsibility? Look for the real examples to prove your position.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of judicial review.
  • Analyze how the judge of the Supreme Court defines whether a law is constitutional or not. Can the judge’s view be biased?

  • Corruption in the courts of developing countries.
  • Corruption is said to be a common feature of the court systems of developing countries. Analyze the issue by the example of any country you like.

  • Are judges political? – Critical view on the possibility of legal systems being politically biased.
  • Conduct research on when it is appropriate to involve politics into the court decision-making.