The Correct Research Paper Proposal Format: A Writing Tutorial

It’s essential to follow an accepted format when writing your research paper proposal or you won’t get very far with it. In order to do this, you need a few steps to follow. It makes the process so much easier when you have a pattern to follow. This writing tutorial will give you some simple steps for writing your proposal.

You are convincing your teachers you have done sufficient research to be confident you are proposing a topic that needs further investigation by writing a research paper about it. Will your paper bring an important topic to light? Will it show there is a question that needs answering?

The proposal must contain specific elements, including:

  1. The title page. This includes personal data such as name, date, academic institution etc. It also includes the title of your research paper, which should be accurate, brief, comprehensive and descriptive. It should clearly delineate the investigation.
  2. Indicate a realistic time when the paper will be completed. Be clear about the focus of your research.
  3. Abstract or summary statement. This should be limited to one page and is mainly a summary of your proposed paper. Strive for clarity and make sure your topic has been sufficiently narrowed.
  4. Review of the research literature which lays a precise foundation about your paper. Show you have done your work and left no stone unturned. What is the scope of your paper? Can you clearly show you will be able to cover the answer to the question effectively?
  5. Objective of your paper. This should be a concise summary of your objectives and what you will achieve through writing this paper. It should show why the topic is important and justifies your efforts. Clearly show the value of your work.
  6. Outline your objectives and what you expect to discover and why. Give insights into the current knowledge available on this topic and how your topic is positioned in comparison to theirs.
  7. Give an outline of how you will analyze the data you expect to find. This includes the methods you will use to gather data, the types of literature you will accept and how it will be verified as authentic etc.

Editing is an important part of your proposal. Check for spelling and grammar errors, and have someone read it through to check for clarity and that it accomplishes your purpose.