Top 20 Original Research Paper Topics About Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh is a widely celebrated painter whose work has been featured in different films. He died in 1890, only at the age of 37. The academia is interested in research about Vincent van Gogh due to his work, but also due to mysteries surrounding his life. Here are top 20 research paper topics about the author.

  1. Value of Art: The author believed he was a failure and a no celebrity in the artist world. It is surprising that two films which featured his work finally became so popular at his death. Such a topic could help focus on the author's story as a case study of how valuable art work is. Certainly, this is a topic that would interest students and other academicians in the area if art. His collections have been featured in films and Museums.
  2. Death: It is not known whether the author committed suicide or was murdered. The topic could help unravel the mysteries surrounding the death of the artist.
  3. Personal inspiration in art work: The author is said to have accomplished painting at night using candles. Apparently, he could place candles on top of his hat so as to accomplish these tasks. The research paper topic could help in looking into how art work inspires authors or why they were so inspired.
  4. Lust for Life: This is one of the films that have featured the work of the artist, and which have been popular. The title could delve into the use of the work of Vincent van Gogh in the film and general use in the film. The research paper topic could dwell on the main themes of the work such as lust and how they feature in today's world.
  5. Midnight in Paris: This is another film that recently featured work by Vincent van Gogh. The author once wrote to his brother that the night appeared to him "richly" colored than the day. It would be interesting to discuss events of the midnight in Paris in an understanding of the fact that the author preferred to work at night.
  6. The Starry Night: This is one of the works by the artist. A title could dwell on the themes in this story. The title could help find how popular the work has become and the inspiration behind it. For instance, the painting is a permanent collection for Museum of Modern Art in New York City.
  7. Van Gogh: The Life: This is a book written by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith just about 3 years ago. The book claims that the painter was murdered and thus adds to the controversy surrounding the death. It could form a good argumentative title or a mere review.
  8. Love: A look into Van Gogh: It is said that, before the death of the painter, either he or someone else cut a part of his earlobe off. He gave this to a prostitute according to a report. This could be a controversial titles looking into details of the story.
  9. Friendship and betrayal: Van Gogh: This could also form a good research paper topic among social scientists while focusing on friendships around the painter.
  10. Religion and young people: Case study of Case of Van Gogh
  11. Mental illness: A look into Van Gogh
  12. Asylum: Case of Van Gogh
  13. Industrial Revolution and Painting
  14. Self Worth: Case of Van Gogh
  15. Family: A look into Van Gogh
  16. Getting closer to artists
  17. Originality: Case of Van Gogh
  18. Painting as a career: Case of Van Gogh
  19. Personal character and motivation: Van Gogh case study
  20. Career and Character