Top 40 Unique Research Paper Topics On Vampires

The worldview on vampires has changed: what was once considered demonic and a bad omen is now a symbol of sexual appeal all over the world. Maybe it is the danger that accompanies them, or their sheer beauty that lures one in, vampires are now a worldwide favorite, especially for teenagers. Therefore, it is no surprise that they have become the cynosure for researchers all over the world. If you are looking for research topics on vampires, here are forty that should last you for eternities.

Top 40 unique research paper topics on vampires

  1. Vampires in Popular Literature
  2. An Analysis of Dracula
  3. Comparing the Various Kinds of Vampires
  4. It’s good to be bad: What is the Appeal?
  5. Comparing Vampires in Popular Literature
  6. Dangerous Love: Why do girls fall for the bad boys?
  7. Forbidden Love: Has romance between humans and Vampires been rehashed?
  8. Vampires on TV
  9. How has playing Vampires affected the lives of Actors?
  10. Taboo Relationships: Vampires and Humans
  11. An Analysis of Interview with the Vampire
  12. Theories: How much Truth Do the stories hold?
  13. Vampires in Music: The Glamour Continues
  14. Is Vampirism a Medical Condition?
  15. Vampirism and the Associated Sub-Cultures
  16. Vampirism and Related Beauty Standards
  17. Vampirism in Cults: is it a Danger?
  18. The Psychological Effects of Liking Vampires: Are you obsessed?
  19. Are Vampires creating unattainable beauty and perfection standards?
  20. Vampirism in BDSM
  21. Vampires and other Supernatural creatures in Popular Literature
  22. Vampirism and Fashion
  23. From Stoker to Meyer: How have Vampires Evolved?
  24. Vampires in Elizabethan Era
  25. Vampires: Are they the only creatures to venture into Science Fiction?
  26. Cultures of the World that Identify with Vampirism
  27. Aghoris: Real Life Vampires?
  28. Pioneers thought to be Vampires: What were the reasons?
  29. Does Vampirism have any subconscious effects?
  30. Is Vampirism only prevalent in literature, or is it an appeal to the darker side of the human psyche?
  31. How far does Vampirism identify with sociopathic traits?
  32. Prince Charming and Vampires: What is the science behind loving Vampires?
  33. Testing the limits: Investigating People wanting to become Vampires
  34. Crimes and Vampirism: How often have criminals tried to hide behind the supernatural?
  35. Analyzing Occurrences of Vampires over History
  36. Is teaching the dynamic of Vampirism a fulfilling part of education?
  37. Vampire Psychology: the emotional, mental, and social roots of the appeal
  38. Vampires in Different Cultures
  39. Do authors who write about Vampires feel differently than their readers do?
  40. Vampires: Fad or Trend? How long will the glamour last?