Choosing A Good Research Paper Topic: 18 Fresh Suggestions

A list of suggestions can encourage you to come up with raw research paper topic ideas of your own. Selecting the right topic is a big deal. You need something that fits guidelines for your project while being interesting and full of good content. There are a few things you can do to ensure you find a good idea for your project. Here are tips to help you choose an idea and a list of suggestions.

How Do You Choose a Good Topic?

Choosing a good topic depends on a few factors. Your interests can give hints on what to write based on what you know or what you want to learn. You can use different techniques to get a topic. Brainstorming is a common method that includes writing ideas as they come. You can review them further to learn if there is potential for a paper. You can find example papers from students through academic databases online. College universities may also share papers written by previous students along with tips on developing ideas.

18 Research Paper Ideas to Inspire Your Own

Now that you have some idea of what to do to find a topic remember your idea should help you meet guidelines for your project. It should be interesting to read, offer good information, and show you have good knowledge of the subject matter. You can review headlines in the media, ask people you know for ideas, or consider writing prompts on the web. Here are 18 ideas to consider when developing your own.

  • Is cloning a good idea?

  • What are aspects of a suicide bomber?

  • Should students decide their own school uniform?

  • What can the government do about bullying?

  • Should there be limitations on how much money a person makes?

  • How to reduce accidents in mining.

  • Why do some people work harder than others?

  • How do oil companies make so much money?

  • How can road rage be avoided?

  • Is there a reason why terrorism exists?

  • What contributes to being shy?

  • Should college be free?

  • Should human organs be available for sale?

  • The best way to study for an exam.

  • Should school lunches be improved?

  • Better ways to recycle.

  • Should porn be banned?

  • Has race relations improved on an international level?