Becoming an A+ student: 15 great topics for your research paper

Every student wants to become the best in the class, but only a few of them succeed. In order to be an A+ student you have to dedicate every moment of your time to study, and not many teenagers are willing to do this. Also, regular assignments like research papers need to be done with extreme care. The entire process, from choosing the topic to editing the final piece, will take weeks in the best case. You are ready to put all your effort into it, but you don’t know what topic to choose for your paper? Maybe you will find a good idea in this list:

  1. Capital punishment in different cultures. Many countries legalized death punishment, but in some ancient cultures this punishment had a very important meaning.

  2. Should we blame religion or humans? As you know, many wars were caused by religion. If you choose this topic for your research paper, make sure you do not offend any religion.

  3. Animals in laboratories. Is it moral?

  4. Industrial food. Is this acceptable for our body?

  5. Vaccination for children. Is it dangerous for them?

  6. How to have more pocket money. This will clearly be very interesting for your classmates.

  7. Educational system in your country. Discuss about what major changes are necessary.

  8. Uniform in high school. Is this beneficial for the students? How would you feel if you would be forced to wear clothes that you don’t like to school?

  9. Teenage pregnancy. What measures the professors and parents should take to prevent this? Is it an isolated problem, or it is becoming more and more common?

  10. Legal drugs. Do you think that legal drugs can make people try illegal ones? Make sure to be extremely realistic if you analyze this idea in your research paper.

  11. Women in the army. Should they follow the same training program as a man?

  12. Adoption by same sex couples. This subject is extremely controversial in the last months.

  13. Smart phones. Do you think that the government has access to our phones?

  14. Abortion. For many people there is no difference between abortion and crime. Should we make this illegal? Is it the choice of women, but how about the right to live?

  15. Transportation methods in your city. What is the best way to prevent pollution?